Hattember Competition

The Hattember Competition challenges you to use your creativity across three categories to create something magical this September!

    Category 1: Millinery

    Category 2: Modern Revival

    Category 3: Novice Millinery

The story behind #Hattember

Award winning Milliner Catherine Kelly, the founder of Embellish Atelier, created the challenge with the aim to:

1. Raise funds for the John Skipper Kelly (JSK) Fund to create leadership opportunities for disadvantaged youth. All proceeds will go directly to the JSK fund.

2. Promote wearing hats #hatsarenotjustfortheraces. They protect, identify, and create an individual statement. 

3. To promote the millinery industry. Visit Embellish Hats for more information.

Get Inspired

Need some inspiration? Visit the Hattember Facebook page or follow @hattember, @embellish_atelier and @hatters_millinery_supplies on Instagram for never-ending feeds of inspiration!


Create something magical this September with the #Hattember Competition at Hatters Millinery Supplies

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