Frequently Asked Questions

  • What counts as an extra material?

Our most frequently asked question last year was to do with the use of the 3 extra materials allowed in the rules of the competition. We’ve outlined some of the basics below to hopefully clarify any questions you may have.

We’re placing a distinction between “staple” materials versus “aesthetic materials” – i.e. if you are using a material for structural integrity or basic finishing, it will not be classed as an extra material.

Some staple materials in the Competition’s Millinery Category include:

– Wire (if used for structure and not as a feature or embellishment)

– Glue

– Stiffener

– Elastics, Combs, Headbands

– Buckram, Interfacing and other interior or structural materials

– Haberdashery materials such as thread

Some staple materials in the Competition’s Wearable Category include:

– The same staple items as in the Millinery Category if making a hat or headpiece

– Wire (if used for structure and not as feature or embellishment)

– Fastenings, zippers, hooks, clips, jewellery fixings, buttons, buckles (if used for function and not embellishment)


If you decide to use a material that was included in the bag but in a different colour or style to the one provided for the competition, that will be classed as an extra material. If you decide you would like more of the same material that was provided, that will also be counted as an extra material.

Furthermore, if you decide to use a feather for example, 1 feather type in 1 colour will be considered as 1 extra material. 1 feather type in 2 different colours would be considered as 2 extra materials.

For smaller items such as beads, single feathers etc there is no quantity limit – e.g 100 silver seed beads would count as 1 extra item.

Some examples of Aesthetic materials that would count 

  • Paint – if you would like to use paint on your final piece, 1 colour of paint counts as 1 extra material
  • Dye – the same principle applies to dye as to paint, 1 colour = 1 extra material
  • Embroidery thread (1 colour = 1 extra material)

If you have any further questions about anything in the Competition, please do not hesitate to contact us at hatters.millinery@gmail.com, or call us at 1300 HATTER.

Participation in this Event

This event provides funds for the John Skipper Kelly Fund, a sub-fund of the Sydney Community Foundation.  Your contribution, through purchase of the competition registration, goes directly to the JSK fund.   As such we are not able to provide any refunds once the curated millinery materials have been sent to you.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter.